Tapioca Pudding Next Door Paperback

Tapioca Pudding Next Door Paperback


Release Date: June 25, 2011

Paperback: 260 pages

Language: English

There Goes the Neighborhood... Tapioca Pudding is a young, sexy, retired porn star sitting on the riches she's stacked up over the years. In an effort to entertain herself by spicing up the suburbs, she taunts her male neighbors by allowing them to look into the fantasy world of her X-rated past. Charles Webb and his wife of ten years have moved into their dream home. Actually, it's his wife Charlotte's dream to own such a house. Charles' dream, since being an only child, is to fill his home with plenty of children. Once the humdrum of married life rears its ugly head, sex-starved Charles succumbs to a porn obsession that was meant to keep him out of the streets. While Tapioca is a married woman's worst nightmare, for Charles, she is a dream come true. When he discovers his adult fantasy living so close to his own home, he's ecstatic. Why collect porn when you have Tapioca Pudding right next door? However, Tapioca is a ghost who animates painful memories sure to alter the course of The Webbs' life forever. And there's nothing that can prepare Charles for the twisted erotic movie he's about to be the star of.

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