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Well behaved women rarely make history
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How it all started

The Queen has been writing for many years, ranging in short stories, poetry, songs, plays, professional, and other writings, with the anticipation of writing for television and the silver screen. She is the author of Tapioca Pudding Next Door and the Between Sisters series which includes: Between Sisters, Between More Sisters, Caught Up Between Sisters, The Evolution Between Sisters, Revenge Between Sisters, Sister's Daughter, and Never Again Between Sisters. Additionally, The Queen penned Trapped In The Closet, A Scorned Woman, Superwoman, as well as the soon-to-be released, Butterscotch Pudding Next Door, 9ine of Fools, and Moving On Up.

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A proud Queens, NY native (specifically, Queensbridge Houses), The Queen holds a degree in business with a long career in finance, all while sowing multiple entrepreneurial seeds that include publishing, e-commerce, travel, consulting, and event planning/promotion. She’s always paying it forward by working to build as well as create networks for aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, she advocates for the homeless, as well as works tirelessly to educate others. When she's not writing or crunching numbers, she loves to travel to sunny climates with clear and turquoise waters or near the mountains for inspiration. Checking her music collection, you’ll mostly find jazz or old school classics. Her movie collection is a match for her music selections, as it also contain great classics with a sprinkling of the new stuff.

For those who aren't familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Evita, but I go by the name, “The Queen.” Actually, it was Mary J’s MVP song that made me one day recognize that despite all of my flaws, mistakes, and struggles in life, I still remained standing firm with my crown on my head and a shine to inspire and motivate others. Before that, as a child growing up in Queensbridge Houses (Queens, NY), I used to sit in my window on the top floor and pretend I was a queen, and the whole Manhattan backdrop (seen from my window) was my "Queendom." The sparkling bridge... aka Queensbridge... aka 59th Street bridge, was my diamond necklace. Yeah, the imagination was wild, even way back then.

How long have you been writing?

Since the age of 7… a few decades.

What is the hardest thing about writing for you?

Writer’s block. One minute the thoughts are flowing so fluid, it’s hard to write fast enough. Next minute… nothing.

Which do you enjoy more – reading or writing?

Writing… it’s my therapy.

What is your favorite time of day to write?


Do you talk to your characters?

Hell yeah!!! Even cry with them. Get angry with them, and will kill them if they piss me off… lol.

What authors have inspired your own writing?

Valerie Wilson-Wesley… I love mystery. Although I don’t write mystery, the mystery part makes me want to add twists and turns in my own writing, that ultimately leads to an unpredictable finale. I'd also say Terry McMillan, because her books written and becoming movies, made me write in such a way that people could envision every detail that I write, as if in a movie... and hopefully, one day, truly a movie.