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Desiree Flowers earned her masters degrees before age 22. Through her sacrifices, the love of her life and father to her son stood in her corner, cheering her on and advising her how to navigate the road to success.

Despite her determination to succeed, Desiree finds herself flailing in a downward spiral instead of moving on up. After crossing a professional boundary, she finds herself faced with blackmail and constant episodes of degradation. With her man focused on his pimping game, Desiree is left to fend for herself, and it becomes evident that she is in over her head.

Despite one obstacle after another, Desiree is determined to live the high life as depicted in an old sitcom series she grew up on. Willing to do whatever it takes to make it her reality, she encounters personal struggles and unthinkable horrors as she tries desperately to move on up.


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About The Queen

The Queen has been writing for many years, ranging in short stories, poetry, songs, plays, professional, and other writings, with the anticipation of writing for television and the silver screen. When she's not writing, she loves to travel to sunny climates with clear and turquoise waters or near the mountains for inspiration.